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Studio Address:
21 Yona HaNavi St. Tel-Aviv (Map)

Studio 303 - Serving electronic music producers worldwide

Studio-303 Tel-Aviv is a modern project room, equipped with top of the line synthesizers and beat boxes, together with high end audio processing gear, usually found in top line studios around the world. This combination puts electronic artists where they can truly excel without having to compromise on gear or studio quality. The same compressors, EQ and pre-amps used for guitars, voice and bass are used to capture synths, beat boxes and samplers.

The second aim of Studio-303 is top notch singing/guitar recordings. Featuring a well built, quite and characteristic recording room together with the some of the best microphones and preamps in the industry, getting a #1 hit out of the room is really up to you, there's no better audio chain and conditions you can get.

Services and Fees

While we are located near Tel-Aviv's beautiful beach area, we take orders and provide services to clients all over the world. We specialize in electronic music mixing, mastering and project enhancements. DAW projects get a special analog treatement, including full 16 channels summing using Phoenix Audio Nicerizer and main mix channel is getting special treatement using Manley's Variable Mu and Massive passive, together with more analog warmers such as EL7 Fatso and UBK clariphonical EQ. Every projects can get a huge production boost in just a 3 hours session. We can also replace VST based tracks with real synths such as our Moog Voyager, our unique and rare TB-303 Devil-Fish our have your kick drum replaced by one of Elektron's SPS1 sounds. We charge a flat 35$/hour fee for un-attended work in the studio and 55$/hour for full service including top notch technicians ready to rock and roll with you.

Typical projects we do

Channel enhancement - How about getting you a unique kick drum coming from an Elektron SPS-1 machine, going into a REDDI DI, Phoenix Audio PREamp, then hitting a Massive-Passive tube EQ and finally an EL8x compressor? How's that sh*t compared to the stock kick you're using from the library you've ripped 10 years ago? Trust me, it makes a difference!
You want that heavy screaming TB sound Plump DJs are throwing in their tracks? We'll get it for you. We have the same Devil-Fish TB-303 (#235) and once this MF hits a serious PRE and then comressed/fattened using the Fatso comp it can chomp trees in Narnia forest. We live the electronic music scene and can make sure the sound taking off from our studio will leave an impression on your crowd and deffinatelly will translate to ca$h in sales.

Electronic Music Mixing/editing - Typically a 5-10 hours job in which we take the channels of your session, load them into Logic-PRO and then begin the mixing process. Using reference tracks that you'll provide we choose techniques to achieve similar sound. We're using many outboard channel inserts, instrument replacement/enhancement, quantization, in many cases kick/snare replacement, bass treatement and alike. All this is done of course in full communication with the client, ensuring our work really service the track and not hurting it in any way. We use a 16 channels Phoenix Audio Nicerizer MKII mixer into which we send your mix, after arranged into buses going out using our prestigious Apogee Symhony converter. We might use outboard comps/EQs/DIs/PREs to enhance the mix, specially voices, basses and kicks. We make sure your mix has air and headroom, the kick and bass are punchy and clear, voices are sitting smoothly in the mix, guitars are big when they need to and squeezed below voices nicely otherwise and of total groove of the track will be working in clubs. EQs, compressors and tape saturators (such as EL7 Fatso) are inserted in the main L-R channels leaving less decissions to be made in the mastering stage later on. We are 3 technicians with 20-30 years experience in sound/recording/mixing/mastering and DJind. If there's an Abbey Road studio for electronic artists on Earth, it must be Studio-303!

Electronic Music Mastering - Usually as 2-3 hours session in which we take your mix to the final stage. Since you're coming over for our analog gear first, this is what you get first. A quick shoot to the vain of EL7 Fatso, Manley Massive-Passive and Variable-MU. Sometimes we may add additional EQs such as the Clariphonical EQ from UBK or a couple of EL8x Distressors to get your mix that British hard, in your face feel.
The second stage of the process happens in the software, where we make sure the track will live nicely in a DJ set coming after one track and leaving to another, without the DJ having to correct the sound. Don't forget, a track gets hardly 20 seconds chance when browsing heavy sites like Beatport/Juno and if you want to get the attention you need to have that BIG and serious sound to begin with. This is not BS, this the truth. We charge a flat 120$/track for this process and you get a massive burger of fat juicy sound for this price. We can work out better prices for EPs and LPs, buzz us for a quote

Main Studio Gear:

  • Main speakers - Manley ML-10a. Additional speakers - JBl lsr25p and lsr32p sub-woofer.
  • Apogee Symphony 24 OUT / 8 IN
  • Burl B2 Bomber AD / DA - Mastering Grade
  • Phoenix Audio Nicerizer MKII summing beast
  • Mac PRO with 2 x QC processors, 10G ram, SSL duende and Apogee 64 interface.
  • MIC preamps - Buzz Audio MA2.2, Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 dual preamp + EQ, Phoenix Audio DRS-8, Martech MSS-10/MSS-01 PRE/DI, Burl B1/B1D
  • EQs - UBK Clariphonic, Manley Massive Passive
  • Dynamics - Manley variable Mu, 2xELi Distressors EL8-x, EL7 Fatso.
  • Everything is connected to 2 x Audio Accessories Mini Shorti Bantam patches. All cables mogami or sommer, all connectors Neutrik.


  • Flagship Mic - Manley Gold Reference Stereo
  • 1 x Manley Baby Tube Cardioid Microphone
  • 2 x Josephson C42 (Matched Pair)
  • 3 x Josephson E22s
  • 2 x Josephson C617SET / MK221
  • 1 x Bock Audio 195
  • 1 x Placid Audio Copperphone
  • 1 x Shure SM57 TAB/Funken
  • 1 x Audix i5
  • 3 x CAD m179
  • We also have access to many more mics such as D12/112, 421, and more


  • Beyer Dynamics DT PRO 770 (close)
  • AKG 141 MkII
  • Sennheiser HD25


  • Moog Voyager RME
  • Elektron SPS1 UW+
  • TB-303 Devil Fish


  • Novation SL-61 ReMOTE Sl 61 mk2
  • Euphonix MC-MIX
  • Vestax VCM-600


  • Logic PRO 9
  • Ableton Live 8
  • Native Instruments Komplete 7

Gear sales:

Studio 303 is proudly distributing the following brands exclusively in Israel: Phoenix Audio, Buzz Audio, Josephson Engineering and Burl Audio. We also deal Manley Labs/Langevin products and MartinSound's Martech Pre-Amps. We are currently seeking more high end, Class-A audio products to be distributed to the Israeli market. Drop us a message if you're producing gear and feel you can fit in the family.

We will gladly combine a very pleasant stay in Tel-Aviv with a competitive price for your music production. Europe is snowy? Come to Tel-Aviv, most of the year the sun is shining here and we can set you up with accommodation, parties and excellent food. We work with artists and producers all over the world and are able to get you a combined deal for flight/stay/studio for a flat, global price.

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